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It is very important that you are really careful  with your body  language and nonverbal communication during a job interview. These are really crucial because they can send off the wrong signals to the interviewer.People can learn a tremendous amount of information about a person based on their body language and non verbal communication. Most people make their decisions about others through that person’s non verbal communication. People make judgements on people based on basic things such as : clothing, hand shakes and posture.  I found this quote to be very important in explaining nonverbal communication : “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” –Peter F. Drucker. I picked this quote because many things are not said but are communicated. People use nonverbal communication everyday to involuntarily or voluntarily to communicate messages. We have to watch our nonverbal communication because people make opinions about you without you even knowing .

During an interview it is very important for the applicant to have great posture. Sit firmly and upright in the chair to show you are comfortable in the interview.You also want to have a firm and controlled handshake. Remember if your handshake is too firm , then it can be taken as you are too aggressive. So be careful with your handshake! Always remember that your dress tells people alot about you. No matter how comfortable the dress is at your job; dress professional for your first meeting. Make sure that your accessories are very simple and professional as well. Do not put on too many colors and flashy things for the interview.

Facial expressions are something that I have a huge problem with. I make facial expressions without even realizing that I am making them. Its scary because I surely do not want this to happen in a job interview. This is something that I have to work on. Make sure that you notice if you tend to make facial expressions before the interview and correct your habit.  Eye contact is very important as well during an interview because this shows that you are very interested in the interview.

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                                        Non verbal communication and job interview       Non verbal communication and job interview

These are all examples of horrible non verbal communication during an interview. Do not do these things in your job interview!

I found some great tips on nonverbal communication during an interview:

  • Make eye contact with the interviewer for a few seconds at a time.
  • Smile and nod (at appropriate times) when the interviewer is talking, but, don’t overdo it. Don’t laugh unless the interviewer does first.
  • Be polite and keep an even tone to your speech. Don’t be too loud or too quiet.
  • Don’t slouch.
  • Do relax and lean forward a little towards the interviewer so you appear interested and engaged.
  • Don’t lean back. You will look too casual and relaxed.
  • Keep your feet on the floor and your back against the lower back of the chair.
  • Pay attention, be attentive and interested.
  • Listen.
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • Stay calm. Even if you had a bad experience at a previous position or were fired, keep your emotions to yourself and do not show anger or frown.
  • Not sure what to do with your hands? Hold a pen and your notepad or rest an arm on the chair or on your lap, so you look comfortable. Don’t let your arms fly around the room when you’re making a point.
  • These tips can be found at :

    Remember if your nonverbal skills are not appropriate ; it does not matter how well you answer the questions, you will not  get the job. So always be aware of your nonverbal communication and body language during an interview. If these things are bad , then you may have lost a potential opportunity with that job.


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    My resume needs a tremendous amount of work but from reading all of these comments I feel much better about my resume. I feel that your body lanuguage says a tremendous amount of information of yoruself. I tend to look at nonverbal language before verbal !. It has been proven that employers do the same thing as me in hiring people!. Be careful people!

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    I did not even know about this event but it sounds like it was a great success!. I am not really good with interviews so this would have been a great thing for me! AS ladies, it takes us a while to get prepared in the mornings for an interview. I agree with Candice with saying that we just probably need to wake up a little bit earlier to get ready!. Just part of being a woman!.

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    Your comment is awaiting moderation. April 19, 2010 at 8:32 pmIm glad that your interview was an success with Ms. Cooper! She seems to really enjoy her job . That is something that I really hope happens to me when I get a job. Too mnay people do not enjoy their jobs at all. So this is really important to me.

    The Pink Tulip: I didnt even know that there was a LInkedIn event with career services held this semester. This would have been a great opportunity for me because Im not really great with LinkedIn and Im still learning how to do many of the things that it has to offer . Your Blog post really emphasizes the important things that people need to know.. Good Job!.
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    I like how you wrote your interview and Holly West. I love the fact that she is a Georgia Southern Alum!!.. It really seems that she enjoys her job and had no problem in telllng you all that it entailed!. Great Job!.

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    i feel that same way as you do with pod casting!. I have never pod casted before. I can see that it is a great way of getting information to others. I will just have to get better with this. It is definetely apart of social media!. I look forward to learning more about pod casting!. By the way I love your layout of your blog!.

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    Great job on the presentation!. I have never read this book .. I feel that I shoudl read this book now.. It seems really interesting!. Good job Lindsey!..

    22.)  April 20, 2010 at 11:25 am  I love this Blog!.. Love the cartoon!..Even though you put a cartoon on here , you still told the importance of getting an internship and this made your Blog very well written.! Good job!.

    23.) I like this Blog because more and more students are realizing that social media is very important to their careers! It is also important for students to realize that what they put is very important as well. Be careful of what you write on social networks everyone!.

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     24.) I love your about me page!. i have learned a tremendous amount about you from just reading this.. Keep up the Blogging!.. By the way your word choice on your other Blog entries is great for Blogging as well. ! Good job!

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    I love your video on internship advice. She gave many good pointers. I dont have a internship at this moment but I am looking forward to getting one this summer. I have one lined up and I hope everything works out with that!. Good luck with everything!. Great Blog !..

    There are many things that can make you more marketable and appealing to a future employer; a cover letter is one of those things. A cover letter is meant to let employers know essential information about you ; if you are not able to be present to speak with an employer.There are many resources that I found to be very helpful on the web that share tips about cover letters. Cover letters are one of the things with the interviewing process that I needed the most help completing. Before entering this class, I did not know the correct way to write a cover letter. After researching cover letters, I found the correct way to write them. This Blog will show you some of the tips that I found that will help you a tremendous amount.

    Remember that cover letters should cater to the job that you are applying to at that particular moment.  Employers do not want a cover letter that is not specific to you; dont be scare with details about yourself. You should respond to job offers as soon as they send you details. So if they ask you to submit a resume and cover letter by a certain date; do it! This will help you become really pro-active in the interviewing process. This may speed up the interviewing process for you. A tip to remember when creating your cover letter is when you include the exact skills listed in the job description; this can guarantee an interview for you. People like to see what they included in the job description to be the skills that you possess ; this makes them feel comfortable they have the “perfect ” person for the job.

    In this economy,you want to make sure that you show future employers what you have to offer that is different from other applicants. Here are some tips for cover letters:

    1.) Let employers know that you are willing to try different avenues and that you are not picky; you are versatile.

    2.)Make sure you let employers know your skills and accomplishments. This is normally not more than a paragraph.

    3.) Make sure that your career goal listed goes with the job that you are considering

    4.) Make sure that your cover letter has a strong closing.

    5.)Create two variations of your cover letter

    • Variation I : lists your skills, accomplishments in previous jobs as well as information on your most recent position you held.
    • Variation II : lists skills and personal abilities.

    6.) Make sure your cover letter expresses the skills listed in the job description.

    7.)Since you already have listed the exact skills that the job possess ; make sure they are listed in the same order on your cover letter as listed in the job description.

    These tips are credited to :


    Check out this video on great tips on creating a cover letter: This video helped me a tremendous amount . It taught me exactly what I needed to know about formatting and writing a cover letter.

    Ever wonder if you need a cover letter for a job or needed to know  information that  is needed for a cover letter ? … Here is some great information  that I found…Hope you enjoy!


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