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Benefits/Pitfalls of social media in the job search

Posted on: February 12, 2010

Social networking is a huge thing in today’s world; most of people will have some type of connection to a social network. In a time where the economy is not good, we will need anything that will make us more marketable to employers. Social media can be one of those things that can make people become more marketable in a job search. I have researched and found out that social networking can be very important and useful during the job search. There are also times where social media will have pitfalls. This blog will define the benefits and pitfalls of social media in the job search.

The benefits of social media can include many things that many are not aware of. I have found a list of benefits that I want  to share.  The list includes : Hidden candidates, higher offer acceptance rates, employer brand, college impact,communications responsiveness, message impact, job visibility, candidate diversity,global candidates, cross fertilization. From this information, people can conclude that social media is a very good thing to participate in. Social media can be useful in so many ways. I have just become aware of social media networking during the last two years of my college tenure. Since I am graduating in May ; I have learned that social media helps me in many ways with future employers. Twitter is one of the social networks that I use many times to reach future employers. I am able to see their status updates on what is going on with their companies; as well as reply to their statuses as well. Social media is one of the most important things in the job search in my eyes.

There are pitfalls of using social media during the job search as well.  These social networks and hurt you in your job search. Employers use the social networks to learn about future employees ; as future employees use social networks to learn about future employers. People should e really careful of what they post on these sites since this information is available for mostly all to see. You never know who is visiting or reading your information. There are some guidelines that people search for yourself online: enter your name in google to see what pops up with your name attached. This may help you keep a future job  with an employer. Many people think that just because your profile is private that people cant see your pictures, posts, and other things ; but in actuality there are way that they can see these things. Future employers look at these things to decide who they will pick for the job. Make sure that your profiles are employer readable so that you wont miss out on that future job. Be careful because social media can be your friend and also your enemy if you are not careful.

The pitfalls of social media during the job search can be credited to :

This list can be credited to : These benefits are also explaining in their entirety on this page as well.

Check this video out of social media facts; this video is very informational. Enjoy!.


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