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Posted on: March 12, 2010

In this economy, it is very hard and also very competitive in getting a job so you should really consider an internship. As I approach the end of my undergraduate career ; I think about the many factors that determine my career path. I believe that an internship has a tremendous amount to do with a prospective employee getting the job of their choice. Most employers look at experience over anything else ; this is what I have been told .

Even if the internship is paid or unpaid; it will be a great idea to try to obtain an internship if possible. This will provide future employers with an idea of the skills you obtain and how that will help their company. I researched and found somethings that might help those who are looking for internships or need pointers on their internship in progress. According to fastweb, there are seven main pointers to land that internship that you desire. 1.) Work with a career counselor at  your school: They have placed previous students in internships and will know where and which internship will be good for you. 2.) Talk to your professors :Many professors have been networking with those employers in your field and can provide you with the information that can benefit you a tremendous amount. 3.) Network with your fellow students : Many students are aware of internship opportunities from their internships are other students who they have spoken with. 4.) Use your school’s alumni network : This can be good for you because alumni from your college can be very helpful in providing you with information that can help you get an internship. 5.) Talk with family, friends and aquaintances : Your family or friends might even have an internship with their company that you may not be aware of. 6.) Look through an internship directory : You can look through the directory and look according to your major and your geographical location. 7. ) Check internship websites : There are many websites that you can search and find internships according to your preferences. 

Since the internship and job market is down employers are really reluctant in hiring employees. Don’t rely fully on your school’s resources ; try many resources. According to Forbes, make sure you have an idea of where you want to intern ,know if that particular company has hired interns before, check to see if you know anyone who is already employed with the company because these are the best recommendatons, and post your resume on Linkedin. A key fact to remember is to research the company inorder to let the employer know that you are interested in the company. At the end of your interview , make sure that you ask what the next step is so that you seem that you are interested .  The last thing to remember is to send a handwritten note saying what you liked about the internship. Remember that experience is more important than getting paid.  You can discuss the salary at a later date if neccessary.  

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Here is a video that I found that tells you how to turn your internship into a full time job.


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