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Informational Interview

Posted on: March 29, 2010

The Public Relations(PR) professional that I chose for the interview was Mrs.  Mechelle Brown. She worked as the assistant to the mayor of East Point Georgia , who has recently started working as an event planner.  I also chose Mrs. Brown as because I have always wanted to get into the event planning business. Matter of fact, I am currently working on pursuing that dream after I graduate from college in May. Mrs. Brown graduated from the University of West Georgia with a degree in Public Relations. I was introduced to her by my cousin who works currently as the station manager for the City Of East Point.  I spent many days with Mrs. Brown by job shadowing her and taking notes about what it took to be a PR professional. I was able to conduct the interview via the telephone.

Here are some of the things that I found out about Mrs. Brown. A typical week for her varies; there is not a typical week in her office. Usually, she has to make sure that the mayor has all of his appointments for the week and to make sure that they are met, schedule press conferences for the Mayor, facilitate telephone conversations with community members, and basically she is the one that you will go to talk to if you need to speak with the Mayor for any reason at all. 

She was extremely proud of working with the Mayor on helping to make sure that he was re-elected for the next term. Unfortunately , he was not re-elected but he is currently working in other aspects of the city government. She was proud of this project because this is what she was here for ; she was in office to help the Mayor in every way that she could .

She told me that in order to keep current in the PR industry she subscribes to PR magazines, talk with fellow PR professionals, and is currently looking at graduate schools in PR to attend .

She also said  that she wished that she would have known about the many things that you can do with PR because when she was in school , she was not taught these things. 

Mrs. Brown says that writing is very important in her career ; the event planning and being the Mayor’s assistant. She has to write press releases for the Mayor at times, write commercials that are done for him, write correspondence to her customers as a PR professional and many more things. 

She offered me advice as a person just starting in the field of PR. Mrs. Brown told me to learn all I can about the field before entering the field, make sure that I know exactly which field in PR that I want to pursue, and stay true to my dreams because they will come true. 

After interviewing Mrs. Brown, I was more interested in becoming a PR professional . I cant wait to become involved in the event planning business. I have already started to think about options and ways that I can make sure that my dream comes true.  Mrs. Brown made sure that I understood exactly what she was involved daily in her job , what she wanted out of her PR experience, how she will achieve her ultimate goals. This interview made me realize that PR is really what I want to be involved with in a career.


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Hello Sheila! I am also interested in the event planning aspect of Public Relations. I am glad you were able to interview someone who shares your interest so that you could get an idea of what her typical business day entails. A big part of PR is interacting with other people, especially with community members. It’s all about who you know and making a good name for yourself. Especially if you’re in event planning. The more people you know the more people that will call on you to host an event for you.

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  • stephaniemedlin: Hello Sheila! I am also interested in the event planning aspect of Public Relations. I am glad you were able to interview someone who shares your int
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