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There are many events that Career Services hold every semester. It seems as if their goal is to have some sort of event for students every week or so. I usually try to at least attend the Career Fair every year it is held.  The career fair that I attended was held on Wednesday January 27,2010 at 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.  This event is held during the spring semester of each year.  This is a great opportunity for students , if they are looking for co-op, internship  and summer job opportunities.  I usually dont find anything that vastly pertains to Communication and its entities; but I attend anyway because there might be a great oportunity waiting. 

This year I did notice that their were more jobs present that dealt with Communication and Public Relations (PR).  I went to these tables and talked with the representatives from the companies and presented my resume where needed. This is also a time to remember to wear appropriate interview clothing ; in which is mentioned in detail in one of my previous posts. Clothing is very important at this event because future employers look at how you were dressed at this event and make opinions about you. I saw that some employers took the time to actually briefly interview students on the spot; clothing possibly helped them at that time.

Even though the economy is not good for a tremendous amount of people, I appreciate Career Services in taking their time to put on such a beneficial event. This event showed me what i needed to do to prepare for future interviews and to just be ready for the job market in total.  I am now preparing to revise my resume and also doing experience worthy things to build my resume.  Even though this event was a great event, I would like to see more jobs present from the Communication/ Public Relations area in the future.

I also noticed that the career fair gave students an opportunity to help with the fair. There were many students chosen to volunteer for the event this semester. I had the opportunity to volunteer with the event last spring semester. This is a great oportunity for those students who want to meet employers but may not have their resumes built yet. These students may have others reasons that are hendering them from actually attending the event and may have a greater chance next year.  Getting involved is always a favorite thing of mine . I love to volunteer and looked at last year’s experience as a time to help other students who are there for the fair, meet employers, and gather volunteer hours ( which looks great on resumes as well) .

This is a great event and I hope that all that attended recieved the full effect of the event.  I am a graduating student in May and I will miss all of the  many opportunities that Georgia Southern University gives us as students to prepare us for the “real world”.  Check out the Career Services website for more events to come !   Also, check out these videos with Career Fair tips :, ,

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The Public Relations(PR) professional that I chose for the interview was Mrs.  Mechelle Brown. She worked as the assistant to the mayor of East Point Georgia , who has recently started working as an event planner.  I also chose Mrs. Brown as because I have always wanted to get into the event planning business. Matter of fact, I am currently working on pursuing that dream after I graduate from college in May. Mrs. Brown graduated from the University of West Georgia with a degree in Public Relations. I was introduced to her by my cousin who works currently as the station manager for the City Of East Point.  I spent many days with Mrs. Brown by job shadowing her and taking notes about what it took to be a PR professional. I was able to conduct the interview via the telephone.

Here are some of the things that I found out about Mrs. Brown. A typical week for her varies; there is not a typical week in her office. Usually, she has to make sure that the mayor has all of his appointments for the week and to make sure that they are met, schedule press conferences for the Mayor, facilitate telephone conversations with community members, and basically she is the one that you will go to talk to if you need to speak with the Mayor for any reason at all. 

She was extremely proud of working with the Mayor on helping to make sure that he was re-elected for the next term. Unfortunately , he was not re-elected but he is currently working in other aspects of the city government. She was proud of this project because this is what she was here for ; she was in office to help the Mayor in every way that she could .

She told me that in order to keep current in the PR industry she subscribes to PR magazines, talk with fellow PR professionals, and is currently looking at graduate schools in PR to attend .

She also said  that she wished that she would have known about the many things that you can do with PR because when she was in school , she was not taught these things. 

Mrs. Brown says that writing is very important in her career ; the event planning and being the Mayor’s assistant. She has to write press releases for the Mayor at times, write commercials that are done for him, write correspondence to her customers as a PR professional and many more things. 

She offered me advice as a person just starting in the field of PR. Mrs. Brown told me to learn all I can about the field before entering the field, make sure that I know exactly which field in PR that I want to pursue, and stay true to my dreams because they will come true. 

After interviewing Mrs. Brown, I was more interested in becoming a PR professional . I cant wait to become involved in the event planning business. I have already started to think about options and ways that I can make sure that my dream comes true.  Mrs. Brown made sure that I understood exactly what she was involved daily in her job , what she wanted out of her PR experience, how she will achieve her ultimate goals. This interview made me realize that PR is really what I want to be involved with in a career.

In this economy, it is very hard and also very competitive in getting a job so you should really consider an internship. As I approach the end of my undergraduate career ; I think about the many factors that determine my career path. I believe that an internship has a tremendous amount to do with a prospective employee getting the job of their choice. Most employers look at experience over anything else ; this is what I have been told .

Even if the internship is paid or unpaid; it will be a great idea to try to obtain an internship if possible. This will provide future employers with an idea of the skills you obtain and how that will help their company. I researched and found somethings that might help those who are looking for internships or need pointers on their internship in progress. According to fastweb, there are seven main pointers to land that internship that you desire. 1.) Work with a career counselor at  your school: They have placed previous students in internships and will know where and which internship will be good for you. 2.) Talk to your professors :Many professors have been networking with those employers in your field and can provide you with the information that can benefit you a tremendous amount. 3.) Network with your fellow students : Many students are aware of internship opportunities from their internships are other students who they have spoken with. 4.) Use your school’s alumni network : This can be good for you because alumni from your college can be very helpful in providing you with information that can help you get an internship. 5.) Talk with family, friends and aquaintances : Your family or friends might even have an internship with their company that you may not be aware of. 6.) Look through an internship directory : You can look through the directory and look according to your major and your geographical location. 7. ) Check internship websites : There are many websites that you can search and find internships according to your preferences. 

Since the internship and job market is down employers are really reluctant in hiring employees. Don’t rely fully on your school’s resources ; try many resources. According to Forbes, make sure you have an idea of where you want to intern ,know if that particular company has hired interns before, check to see if you know anyone who is already employed with the company because these are the best recommendatons, and post your resume on Linkedin. A key fact to remember is to research the company inorder to let the employer know that you are interested in the company. At the end of your interview , make sure that you ask what the next step is so that you seem that you are interested .  The last thing to remember is to send a handwritten note saying what you liked about the internship. Remember that experience is more important than getting paid.  You can discuss the salary at a later date if neccessary.  

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Here is a video that I found that tells you how to turn your internship into a full time job.

This blog will show about the book Twitterville. There is a powerpoint slide below , but you can visit my slideshare and you can view my notes there!

Interview attire is very important for the success of your interview. Every job may have a different dress code but it is up to you on how you dress during the interview. Your job says a tremendous amount of information about you. Even though attire is important, communication skills are most important. Your attire should be professional and should not be flashy and distracting. Always dress nicer than  you are expected to dress; this looks very good to your  future employer. Do not consider your interview a social gathering; the interview can uphold your future dwellings.  I found this list of guidelines for men and women for a job interview. This list is really helpful in deciding what to wear during an interview.

A two piece matched suit is always the best and safest choice.

Conservative colors / fabric:
Navy, dark gray (and black for women) — are safe.
Other color trends may come and go; avoid the extremes.
Solids or very subtle weave patterns or plaids (the kind that look solid across a room) are safest.
Wool, wool blends, or good quality micro fiber for women only, are generally the best fabrics in all seasons. Avoid acetate / rayon blends.
Everything should be clean and well pressed.
Carefully inspect clothes for tags, dangling threads, etc.

The information listed above and the guidelines can be credited to :

Other things that people should consider when going on an interview is that you should be well-groomed, perfume and cologne should be used sparingly if any, clean fingernails and make sure that hair is well-groomed. These are some of the things that I found that I really thought was very important in an interview.

The key thing to remember during an interview is that “first impressions are lasting .” When I’m preparing for an interview, I always make sure that my clothes are prepared the day before so that if i need to make any changes ;I will be able to do so. There may be times that you will have to buy things for the interview and if you wait until the last-minute then you will not be able to do so.  Also, one key thing to remember is to cover all visible tattoos!. Everyone is not fond of tattoos and this may cause you not to get the job you are applying for.

It is better to overdress than to undress for an interview. If you have any questions or concerns about what to wear , ask the person who scheduled your interview. The person probably will not have a problem with answering your questions. Afterall , it’s better to know what to wear than to get to the interview and be underdressed. This may jeopardize your future career. I know many people think that your dress should not matter , if you are well qualified for the job. It does matter people!..

This information can be credited to :

I also found two really significant videos that tells people exactly what to wear to an interview. Here are the link :,

Social networking is a huge thing in today’s world; most of people will have some type of connection to a social network. In a time where the economy is not good, we will need anything that will make us more marketable to employers. Social media can be one of those things that can make people become more marketable in a job search. I have researched and found out that social networking can be very important and useful during the job search. There are also times where social media will have pitfalls. This blog will define the benefits and pitfalls of social media in the job search.

The benefits of social media can include many things that many are not aware of. I have found a list of benefits that I want  to share.  The list includes : Hidden candidates, higher offer acceptance rates, employer brand, college impact,communications responsiveness, message impact, job visibility, candidate diversity,global candidates, cross fertilization. From this information, people can conclude that social media is a very good thing to participate in. Social media can be useful in so many ways. I have just become aware of social media networking during the last two years of my college tenure. Since I am graduating in May ; I have learned that social media helps me in many ways with future employers. Twitter is one of the social networks that I use many times to reach future employers. I am able to see their status updates on what is going on with their companies; as well as reply to their statuses as well. Social media is one of the most important things in the job search in my eyes.

There are pitfalls of using social media during the job search as well.  These social networks and hurt you in your job search. Employers use the social networks to learn about future employees ; as future employees use social networks to learn about future employers. People should e really careful of what they post on these sites since this information is available for mostly all to see. You never know who is visiting or reading your information. There are some guidelines that people search for yourself online: enter your name in google to see what pops up with your name attached. This may help you keep a future job  with an employer. Many people think that just because your profile is private that people cant see your pictures, posts, and other things ; but in actuality there are way that they can see these things. Future employers look at these things to decide who they will pick for the job. Make sure that your profiles are employer readable so that you wont miss out on that future job. Be careful because social media can be your friend and also your enemy if you are not careful.

The pitfalls of social media during the job search can be credited to :

This list can be credited to : These benefits are also explaining in their entirety on this page as well.

Check this video out of social media facts; this video is very informational. Enjoy!.


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It is very important that you are really careful  with your body  language and nonverbal communication during a job interview. These are really crucial because they can send off the wrong signals to the interviewer.People can learn a tremendous amount of information about a person based on their body language and non verbal communication. Most people make their decisions about others through that person’s non verbal communication. People make judgements on people based on basic things such as : clothing, hand shakes and posture.  I found this quote to be very important in explaining nonverbal communication : “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” –Peter F. Drucker. I picked this quote because many things are not said but are communicated. People use nonverbal communication everyday to involuntarily or voluntarily to communicate messages. We have to watch our nonverbal communication because people make opinions about you without you even knowing .

During an interview it is very important for the applicant to have great posture. Sit firmly and upright in the chair to show you are comfortable in the interview.You also want to have a firm and controlled handshake. Remember if your handshake is too firm , then it can be taken as you are too aggressive. So be careful with your handshake! Always remember that your dress tells people alot about you. No matter how comfortable the dress is at your job; dress professional for your first meeting. Make sure that your accessories are very simple and professional as well. Do not put on too many colors and flashy things for the interview.

Facial expressions are something that I have a huge problem with. I make facial expressions without even realizing that I am making them. Its scary because I surely do not want this to happen in a job interview. This is something that I have to work on. Make sure that you notice if you tend to make facial expressions before the interview and correct your habit.  Eye contact is very important as well during an interview because this shows that you are very interested in the interview.

This information stated above  is credited to :

                                        Non verbal communication and job interview       Non verbal communication and job interview

These are all examples of horrible non verbal communication during an interview. Do not do these things in your job interview!

I found some great tips on nonverbal communication during an interview:

  • Make eye contact with the interviewer for a few seconds at a time.
  • Smile and nod (at appropriate times) when the interviewer is talking, but, don’t overdo it. Don’t laugh unless the interviewer does first.
  • Be polite and keep an even tone to your speech. Don’t be too loud or too quiet.
  • Don’t slouch.
  • Do relax and lean forward a little towards the interviewer so you appear interested and engaged.
  • Don’t lean back. You will look too casual and relaxed.
  • Keep your feet on the floor and your back against the lower back of the chair.
  • Pay attention, be attentive and interested.
  • Listen.
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • Stay calm. Even if you had a bad experience at a previous position or were fired, keep your emotions to yourself and do not show anger or frown.
  • Not sure what to do with your hands? Hold a pen and your notepad or rest an arm on the chair or on your lap, so you look comfortable. Don’t let your arms fly around the room when you’re making a point.
  • These tips can be found at :

    Remember if your nonverbal skills are not appropriate ; it does not matter how well you answer the questions, you will not  get the job. So always be aware of your nonverbal communication and body language during an interview. If these things are bad , then you may have lost a potential opportunity with that job.


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