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Apple also announced that the MacBook Pro has been going through some changes as well in April 2010. There were no changes to the outside of the computer but the inside of the MacBook has been changed.  There has been work done to the rate at which things process and how the graphics are displayed on the computer. It also last longer with battery charge. The new MacBook last almost 8 hours on charge ; a hour longer than the product before it.  The price for this computer is  $ 1,199.00 ; which is very pricey but I think that it is worth it. It is not like an ordinary laptop; it does much more than some laptops.  Like the iPad, the MacBook is easy to carry along because of its sleek design and light weight.  This website tells all of the details about the MacBook ; check it out : . I think that this product is a good idea because I am actually looking for a laptop and this seems that it fits all of my needs . I don’t like heavy things and I don’t usually carry many things with me ; so the iPad or the MacBook is a prefect thing for me.  Check out this video of the MacBook Pro and see all the thing that it has to offer :

This is a picture of the new MacBook and the older MacBook pro.  This can show you the changes that Apple put forth in the new MacBook pro.


Apple announced that its newest product ; the iPad would be available for purchases in stores and also online at the Apple store. If the iPad is purchased online it will be delivered to your door for free.The iPad comes with WiFi  and 3G internet capabilities. This is a hot and fresh thing for Apple. The first time that I saw the advertising for this product ; I wanted it that day. This is a product that I can use when presenting in my classes , in my career and also just for everyday use.  It is so sleek that it does not take up that much space so its very convenient for male and female usage.  The iPad with just WiFi starts at $499 for a 16GB , $599 for a 32 GB,and $ 699 for a 64 GB. If you want to get an iPad with WiFi and 3G then the prices are different. The prices are $629 for a 16GB , $729.00 for a 32GB, and $829 for a 64 GB. If you do plan to purchase the iPad with 3G internet access ; then you will have to purchase the data plan from AT&T.  i think that this is a very good thing that Apple has done ; especially since technology has changed and is becoming to be the main thing on everyone’s minds. I have seen many students, business people and others using the device and they have all had great reviews on it. Maybe the iPad is something good for you. Check out the Apple website for more information on this product.

Check out this video on the iPad; it explains many questions that people might be have about the product.

Gold Peak Tea becomes able to be refrigerated and also is now available in plastic bottles. This tea is a ready to drink tea and is very popular with customers. It has won many awards for its popularity. The tea is offered in sweetened , unsweeetened, diet and lemon flavors . Gold Peak Tea is a partner with Coca-Cola , number 1 provider of sparkling drinks and ready to drink beverages.  The reason for this change in bottling is for the sake of the environment ; in which Gold Peak Tea is known for. I think that this is a really good idea and that it is something that will be considered when Im think about taking a picnic. The only thing that bothers me is that I have not seen this product in stores. I guess that I will have to continue to look and hopefully I will luck up and find it!  

    Gold Peak® Chilled Tea - Sweet Tea

Looks like these customers found plenty of the old product! ( i just thought this was funny) Check it out!

Sprite is currently putting on efforts to contribute $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity. This was in efforts to promote recycling.  Customers were told to look for sprite cans with a green tab on them  and a Habitat for Humanity logo. These are the cans that have the tabs that are needed for the campaign.  People were asked to pull the tab off the drink and send it in to the headquarters. I think that this is a great idea because people can give to Habitat for Humanity ( helping families who are less fortunate with a place to stay ) , recycling ( helping the earth), and enjoy a refreshing drink ! Tabs  are due in by May 30,2010; max number of tabs that participants are allowed to send in  is 20.  This makes me want to look for the tabs and send them in as well.  Visit for information on exactly how to do this!

On April 15,2010, Starbucks gave complimentary cups of coffee to customers that bring a reusuable tumbler into participating stores. Starbucks is doing this in efforts to reduce environmental impacts. They have this program called “Shared Planet” in which is trying to make all of Starbuck’s cups are 100% recyclable by the year 2015.  Even though I do not drink coffee ; I think this is a great way to get people involved with this initiative. People will see that they can get a free cup of coffee from doing something as simple as bring a recyclable cup in. Great marketing was done with this effort because I saw many advertisements telling people about the efforts.  I hope that this is not the only company to get involved with initiatives similar to this one. This was a great move by Starbucks. I was able to find this video that tells about “Shared Planet”. I hope that you enjoy this video. 

Coca- Cola( Nestea)  announced the arrival of a new product ; The Red Tea Pomegranate Passion Fruit in March of 2009.  The tea only contains 50 calorie per the 8 fl. oz per servings that the drink contains.  The company is the first to prepare such a drink for retail sale. The drink is apart of Nestea’s “ready to drink”  ( RTD) initiative ; and was recently included on retailers list of “Top 12 Cool New Products”.  Nestea also wants to make sure that the let the public know that the drink is caffeine- free in their press release.  I think that this drink is a good thing for Nestea; it gives the consumers something different to drink . If the drink was introduced in a store that I knew about ; I would give the drink a try. Being that the drink is caffeine-free ; this is better for many consumers. If consumers are like me and not really fond of caffeine then this will be great for them . I look forward to trying this drink really soon. 

Apple released its plans to develop the best software for iPhone and iTouch users I found this to be very exciting because i own a iPhone and have many friends and family that either own the iPhone or the iTouch.  This software makes it so that the applications that you are allowed to download on the phone more interesting. The software is also developing new applications for iPhone and iTouch users.  There is also somethings that are  really exciting about this new change for me. The software will make it so that you can multitask ( call someone while playing a game and other things), be able to set up folder for applications, and use iBooks ( read books on your device).  The thing that really excites me about this is that I can multitask and save the battery life on my phone. before this update iPhones were not able to do this. This comes in handy when you are trying to do two things at once ; in which I would like to be able to do.   I really am looking forward to the releasing of this software in June!  Check out this video on multitasking with the new software: .


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